Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, central Europe has seen a Jewish religious and cultural renaissance.  

Jewish Homecoming is supporting Jewish life on the ground in countries which had seen entire communities destroyed.  Now, through our efforts, the Jewish community is being supported. Families and even entire congregations are returning to Jewish tradition and values.

Hans Jörg Neuman
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany, Los Angeles
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Facts on Jewish Life in Germany


Beginning in the late 1980s and continuing through 2004, huge numbers of immigrants came from the former Soviet Union. The influx of Soviet Jews revitalized community life, kosher food and restaurants, and grass-root organizations.  This wave of immigration has made Germany the fastest growing Jewish community in Europe, and of the most dynamic in the world.


The Jewish Museum Berlin, a division of the Berlin museum, officially opened in 2001 and is notable both for its location and its contents. It contains a myriad of Judaic items and artifacts, some more than 800 years old.  Millions have visited since its opening, making it one of the most visited Jewish sites in all of Europe.


In 2012, Peter Feldmann was elected as mayor of Frankfurt and became the first Jew to hold the position since the1930s.


Germany has become one of Israel‛s largest trading partner in Europe.


There are 120 Jewish congregations in Germany, but only twenty have full-time rabbis.

Jewish Homecoming Founders

Hazzan Jalda Rebling

Hazzan Jalda Rebling is spiritual leader of the first Jewish Renewal Community in Germany - Ohel Hachidusch, founded in 2007. The inclusive green shul is an open place for all Jews who want to live a meaningful and creative Jewish life: Jalda recieved her smicha in January 2007 by ALEPH, Alliance for Jewish Renewal. She was member of the Jewish art group Meshulash (1997 – 2003), and wrote articles for its magazine Golem. Jalda was cofounder of the Jiddisches Lied Theater in the Hackesches Hof Theater, from 1993-2006 in the heart of what was formerly East Berlin.

Jalda was founder and leader oft he first Berlin Jiddisch Festival Tage der Jiddischen Kultur 1987-1997, from 1988 on an UNESCO-project. She produced 11 CDs of Jewish music. She teaches at the in Jerusalem at the Summer University Hazanut, and leads services in the 250 year old synagogue of Exeter, England.

Jalda was born in Amsterdam into a Shoah survivor family and grew up in East Berlin. She is a mother of three and a proud Jewish grandma.

Anna Adam

Anna Adam is president of the first Jewish Renewal Community in Germany - Ohel Hachidusch, founded in 2007. She is a highly respected visual artist, specializing in integrating art and science education.

She was one of the founders of the Jewish art group Meshulash. In 2011 she created the Happy Hippie Jew Bus, an interactive creative driving classroom. The bus comes to schools, museums, shopping malls, farmers markets across Europe and allows an entire community to have a chance to learn about Jewish life and stand up against anti-Semitism and racism. Every year Anna reaches thousands people:

Rabbi Mark Blazer

Rabbi Blazer is the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Ami in Santa Clarita, California. He is the founder of the Albert Einstein Academies, charter schools with 6 campuses in California and Ohio. He is also directing the establishment of the Southern California Center for Jewish Life, a multi-generational state of the art campus in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Rabbi Blazer serves as chaplain for the LA County Sheriff’s Department and has served as chaplain for the California Department of Corrections. He is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego and studied at Oxford University, in England, and received ordination at the Academy for Jewish Religion.

Hannah Petersen

Hannah was born in Northern Germany near Bremen. Her involvement in Jewish life in Germany and the United States has given her a unique perspective and knowledge of both communities. She has participated in congregations in several cities including, Hanover, Bielefeld and Pinneberg.

Hannah has long been committed to revitalizing a community with such historic and cultural importance. The knowledge and passion she brings to German Jewish life has helped her create meaningful connections across the country, and throughout the world.

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Jewish Homecoming is facilitating the rebirth of Jewish life in a land that gave rise to Ashkenazi Judaism.

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